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Stucco is waterproof by its very nature, with both acrylic stucco and cement stucco offering decades of service fighting the elements. However, nothing lasts forever, and stucco is no exception. Small fractures in the stucco, caused by many years of temperature variations and moisture levels, can result in stucco peeling out and water entering into your walls. Indeed, you do not like that even a tiny crack might be letting in water that is sufficient enough to begin doing unseen stucco water damage behind the scenes such as damp, rot, and mold. That is the reason you wished to ask for the professionals from Stucco Repair Houston, for stucco water damage repair before the trickle transforms into a flood.

Things You Can Do for Stucco Water Intrusion

stucco water damage repair

Patching Stucco – When cracks appear, the key is not only to patch them but also to look at the surrounding stucco to find out if it is still structurally sound or not. We take excellent care to reduce the surrounding stucco, which has suffered stucco water damage or weathering. In case the stucco has been laid on a metal substrate, we expose that and also connect more substrate to broken areas before putting on and smoothing the patch material or cement over the uncovered area. We can color match to the existing stucco so that the outcome is as good as new and won’t show.

Waterproof Paint – If your stucco is in great condition, but you are contemplating its extended future, then you may want to think about a coating of waterproof paint to guard it. It is a straightforward and fairly inexpensive choice for contributing to the stucco’s outer coat. You can pick a brand new color or even choose a look that completely matches any existing stucco. It’s not always the most dependable since nearly anything improperly painted, or any paint chips are permitted to develop and later fall off, will leave unprotected parts in the coat. That is why, in case you choose waterproof paint, you are better off getting the task finished by professionals who could ensure that you receive the best stucco water damage repair for your budget.

Sealant Layer – Stucco Repair Houston is an expert when it comes to sealing water damaged stucco, and we are able to suggest a variety of different sealing products to guard your walls based on the dynamics of the existing stucco. A stucco waterproofing sealant is usually an entirely clear coat that does not change the appearance of your property but offers a reliable and strong barrier to water, often better than the basic waterproof paint, and sure to last longer.

Waterproof Barrier – When you are seeking to restore your water damaged stucco or repair spots, which are especially exposed and experiencing stucco water intrusion, then a waterproof barrier beneath the stucco itself might be the most desirable option. As with every wall covering that needs to adhere to a vertical surface, we need to prepare the surfaces properly beforehand to make sure that the materials get the very best grip. That suggests both inserting a barrier onto the wall, and subsequently, the stucco on top of the barrier. Talk to us now about the various choices for stucco waterproofing services.