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If your home is covered in stucco and displays signs of damage or cracks, Stucco Repair Houston can assist you with your stucco repair and patching projects. Stucco, a lime-based or cement-based plaster, can be as carefree and long-lived a cladding as any property owner can wish. To get a hundred years out of your stucco siding isn’t unusual, but like every sturdy home, the foundation is essential. As lasting and robust as stucco is, leaving damages with no repair just speeds up the wear. 

The textured appearance of stucco is created in many ways, and matching the existing stucco shade isn’t easy. To make sure both are replicated well in a repair, you need to employ Stucco Repair Houston. We have been providing expert services on stucco houses all over Houston and other neighboring areas in Texas.

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Stucco Repair Houston has had many years of experience with stucco installation, stucco repair, and stucco patching. As a complete service restoration business, we have worked on several structures, from the latest builds to older properties. Like every task, preparation is vital with stucco. By breaking away and cleansing loose stucco pieces, Stucco Repair Houston’s expert staff can evaluate if there could be some underlying stucco problems Houston. When all the repairs and patches are completed and have cured, a finish coat of sealer or paint will also be used so your stucco exterior can tolerate a lot more seasons.

Stucco Repair Houston provides specialized stucco in Houston and cement plaster siding repair. When cracks or blisters are developing in the stucco against your house or property, the time to fix it is now, before the damage worsens. Our stucco repair professionals manage everything from small stucco repair to extensive re-stucco projects. Having your stucco project started is as easy as calling us for a free no-hassle quote.

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Stucco Repair Houston offers stucco repairs the proper way. The great aspect of stucco is that it’s intended to do its job for quite some time if installed correctly. That is the reason we take no shortcuts and simply use the best materials and techniques. A stucco repair should not be considered a band-aid for your stucco issues; a stucco repair needs to be a lasting fix. If you hire Stucco Repair Houston, you will get a “stucco repair near me,” which stands the test of time.

Without regular maintenance and repairs, the stucco on your house might not survive as long as it should. That could end in a waste of money and time on your behalf. Instead, ensure your stucco is adequately cared for by calling on the experts at Stucco Repair Houston. Our professionals can identify moisture damage to stucco and other concerns that could result in extended issues, and they’ll also provide skilled repair services to those areas.

With regards to repairing your stucco, our staff does more than merely a fast patch job. We guarantee to recognize the leading cause, like leaking pipes, and also offer ideas for repairs. As your one-call remedy, we can handle the repair work for you in a single visit! For instance, if you have hard water coming out of your plumbing system, we can help find a solution so that your plumbing does not suffer more leaks and damage down the road. Fixing this problem helps stop extra stucco damage, protecting the structure of your house for decades to come. 

For us, no task is simply too large or too little. Much more than that, we make sure that all stucco repairs are carried out on time and the job is done correctly the very first time. Entrust your project to our staff of fully insured and very competent handymen!

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How about new stucco installation projects? When you contemplate your home’s exterior coverage choices, stucco installation can make for a good option. Stucco is very durable in comparison to wood or vinyl siding. It’s able to withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions. Stucco installation requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t need to be painted. It is sturdy, and due to this, some home insurance companies reduce the costs for properties protected with stucco. Additionally, it will never go out of style!

If you want to make a good choice going with stucco installation, Stucco Repair Houston can help. We do much more than stucco repair; we accept stucco projects from the ground up as well! Regardless of your stucco-related needs, Stucco Repair Houston has got the abilities and experience to supply you with stucco work designed to endure for the decades to come.

Stucco repair is usually a challenging and demanding job, and that’s precisely why we’re here for you. We have been doing new stucco and stucco repair in local businesses and homes for more than a decade. You would be delighted to find out that Stucco Repair Houston brings as much proper care with our stucco workmanship as we do with our customer support.

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Stucco is among the most incredible, long-lasting, and well-known siding options available—especially when it’s done correctly! With Stucco Repair Houston, we restore stucco beautifully and professionally, guaranteed! From restoration to repair to stucco inspection Houston solutions, we aim to help you take care of your home. We take advantage of the very best materials, professionally established, to enable you to fall in love with your house once again. 

Stucco Repair Houston is the top stucco contractor Houston TX, as well as the surrounding areas. Our specialty is stucco Houston siding and stucco repair for residential and commercial buildings, brand new and existing throughout Texas. Are you planning to finish your dream home? Maybe you simply need an exterior stucco wall repaired. In either case, we’ve got you covered. Our stucco installation and repair services are second to none in Houston, Texas. We deal with clients on projects of all sizes, regularly exceeding expectations. 

Professional quality stucco work needs expertly skilled stucco Houston contractors with many years of employment experience. Whatever your desire or needs, we have the texture and custom color choices to satisfy our customer’s specifications. Make Stucco Repair Houston your first option for all upcoming stucco projects.


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We’re proud to offer excellent stucco service to our Houston customers. We continuously receive accolades for our stucco services from our customers.

We’re local contractors. Looking to support local businesses, which is essential to our economy, and establishing local clients is vital to our success. We feel that local is the best and make an effort to provide timely, hands-on responses to onsite concerns and directly monitor job status.

We work with projects of all sizes. Weekend warrior jobs are great, but stucco Houston projects are usually way too large and complex to be managed by amateurs. We fully support our work and oversee all jobs, inside and out, of every size. Stucco Repair Houston proudly provides everything from small crack repair to full house reapplications. Our contractors are both efficient and competent.

We’re stucco experts in Houston, TX. We believe in training and educating our contractors on all manufacturing changes and standards. We would like to stay updated on all the applications and products available on the market. We make sure that we know the latest stucco trends in Texas. Our solutions are always professional. If you hire Stucco Repair Houston, you are guaranteed the most incredible results.


Why Choose Us for Stucco Repair Houston

Stucco repair is a thing that might seem completely simple from far away, but trust us when we point out that it takes unique expertise to get the task done and do it correctly. Stucco repairs are usually quite particular in that way; if you’re attempting to patch up a crack or maybe a gap in the structure, you need to do it without leaving a trace of the fix. A repair well done won’t leave any evidence at all of the damage it covered up, or even of its existence. Or else, you’re likely to have a wall that seems all patched up and inconsistent with the majority of the home, which truly takes away from the general appearance of the stucco that’s designed to put an additional touch of style to the house, which smooth flat walls are unable to provide. In addition to that, stucco has many types that need various methods of handling. In case you muddle them up, the fix is going to do much more damage than good. If you want any kind of stucco repair, Houston is the ideal spot to have that need! You can always contact Stucco Repair Houston! We are Houston stucco contractors and can supply you with the very best stucco repair services right here in Houston.

A few stucco contractors Houston, TX, might not have the ability or materials to do a specific kind of stucco and will continue to attempt to complete the job. While not being worried at all by the simple fact that this undesirable call could cost the owner their home. Nevertheless, we’re glad to inform you that you won’t ever need to experience any such apprehension about calling on us for a damage assessment and consequent correction and repair. The thing that we bring to the table, and think is the most valuable thing we can offer your property, is that our guys have worked with numerous diverse kinds of stucco methods & designs. This enables us to practically show up anywhere and not be overwhelmed with how tough a task might look. What’s even worse is the fact that whenever you employ a company to obtain some kind of stucco filling job provided for you, you can tell when they’re in over their head. Most companies won’t be truthful about it. They’d prefer to get through the task; however, they can go to cash in the check rather than being completely honest with you. Thus, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution whenever you contact a Houston stucco company to carry out the stucco repair job for your house. We’ve seen a lot, and that gives us an advantage. Furthermore, we’re straightforward and truthful about what we as a Houston stucco contractor think we can or even can’t do!

If you’re involved during the building of your home, you’re going to know that stucco in Houston has sub-categories and categories. We can focus on several diverse kinds of stucco, like hard coat stucco or perhaps EIFS. We can also manage significant stucco water damage that several walls might go through with the atmosphere’s heavy rains and moisture. Those are only some of the possible water solutions. We likewise give waterproofing services to ensure that no further deterioration is done to the stucco or the walls underneath from all of the rain and humidity that’ll come over the years. We can handle minor repairs that are merely going to see us top off a few little cracks or perhaps seal up holes, and also, we can recreate entire walls! We have the necessary information and skills to include some design or decoration on the stucco wall to update the home’s appearance. Put simply, we’re a full-service Houston stucco contractor, and also, we can undertake any work from probably the smallest of patch-ups to the biggest of renovations of your house with no second thought. No stucco job is too little or too big for us to handle.

Stucco Water Damage Repair

Any kind of stucco wall can have damage. This applies to walls on the outside, as well as the inside. These issues are widespread in wetter parts where rainfall & humidity levels are substantial. A few particles of moisture usually wind up, entering throughout the stucco to dampen the walls. Water trapped underneath your stucco foam, whether it’s in the stucco siding or plaster, can do considerable and, in some cases, also irreparable harm to your walls. When that water damage develops, the things you’re going to be concerned about go way beyond your walls and start falling apart. We can have mold growing in your wall space, and all kinds of stucco problems Houston needs to be addressed. For those grave situations, getting a stucco patch repair or hole sealing won’t rectify the problem and may worsen the situation. Meanwhile, the moisture will continue to be trapped inside and can eat more in the framework over time. As we pointed out, it’s imperative you obtain an excellent inspection of the stucco water damage and then create the appropriate method to deal with the issue, even when that suggests doing a few significant teardowns of your existing walls!

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